The aperitif is an important thing for Italian people!

Today I used a soft, beautiful bokeh in this images of cocktails. [Bokeh is the out-of-focus area on an image with shallow depth of field.]

The effect is like a backdrop for my focal point. It allows the viewer to focus on the most important part of my photo, the drink, and makes the subject pop!

Cosa ne pensi? Funziona?

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Dolci dolcezze

“To take good photos at the desserts I need to know its taste because the trick is to photograph their perfume and their goodness!!!”

Try it yourself: sometimes you can convince the chef! :)

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"Future batteries"

Photographing an interesting event about "Future batteries".

Greenest batteries for small devices, IoT and wearables.

With THX Design Group Italia & BlueThink

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Exterior photos - What if it rains?

A beautiful bar to photograph but it's raining. What do we do? Let's wait? Do we postpone the photo shooting? They put rain for 10 days. We have to photograph today. I wait for the sun to come back because the forecasts say that today there will be the sun!

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Glass and light on a sunny day!

Adoro giocare col vetro e con la luce; con i sapori ed i colori. Adoro fotografare nelle giornate di sole circondata da persone splendide!

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I introduce you to Virginia

Virginia Iris McVeigh is the bartender at Terun Pizzeria - Palo Alto. She smiles as she shows me how to prepare some of her new cocktails. Professional and precise. Slight and a little shy.

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Chef Gianluca Guglielmi at Donato&Co.

A new menu is born! They need new photos! Chef Gianluca works fast to show me his new dishes. His passion for food makes me fall in love with every dish. Here you can see some of his creations!

In Berkeley it has been raining for days, but inside this restaurant it is pleasantly worm.

In order not to disturb customers, I choose a corner near the window where I place my portable photo studio but then I can never stand in a corner!!!

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Dark and Moody Food Photography

Today I photographed the new menu created by Chef Gianluca Guglielmi for Donato & Co - Berkeley. For these photos I wanted to create a melancholy appeal. I wanted to realize images that make you feel like you are inside an Italian trattoria. You are sitting at a table and the chef comes to drink a glass of red wine with you. Listen to Italian music together and talk while you savor his new dishes.

The rainy day has certainly helped create this particular mood!

This type of photography has several names - Dark and Moody or Chiaroscuro.

I thank Klo who has kindly posed on this beautiful Californian rainy day.

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Wine tasting with a taste of home!

An evening with Jacopo di Battista and the wines of Querceto di Castellina plus the Tuscany menu prepared by Chef and owner Donato Scotti.

Located between the towns of Castellina and Radda in Chianti, the Querceto di Castellina make some of the best Tuscan wines today.

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There is nothing more beautiful than a child's smile!


Siamo solo noi!

I rarely show photos of my clients, but this time the subjects are also a dear friends, I will make an exception! During a dramatic day, where the ash caused by the fires beyond the bay obscured the sky and the very few people in the street wore masks, the amazing friend and beautiful kids posed for me!

“A giro siamo solo noi!” - Only the four of us around!!!

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Italian Food at VINA Enoteca

Today, I photographed dishes showing love for raw materials and composition. VINA Enoteca - Palo Alto

Anche l’occhio vuole la sua parte!

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Interiors and Exteriors

Today I photographed for an Italian restaurant inside an old Stanford facility. A very beautiful place both for its architecture and its design. VINA Enoteca!

To better describe the restaurant, I preferred to take pictures at three different times of the day.

My first photo shoot was early in the morning, when in the restaurant there are only me and the owner, with the light still unripe in the morning. A second shoot in the afternoon, after having served lunch. The sun has turned and the lights are completely different both outside and inside the location. A third shoot in the evening, when the sun sets low and the artificial lights light up. Photography in this time is wonderful and at the same time complex. Customers are seated both on the patio and inside, and the restaurant has a romantic and welcoming mood.

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One of my favorite events to photograph not only because I have the opportunity to photograph friends but also because it is an opportunity to taste good Italian wine!!!

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The art of Christian Palino

Today I had the pleasure and the honor of observing how a Christian porcelain dish is born. Concentration, slow movements, precision, all necessary elements to obtain a piece of exceptional beauty. Christian says that making these unique pieces in porcelain relaxes him.

I watch him in his studio, with the music and the sun surrounding us and take some pictures. The light is perfect. I think that very beautiful pieces will come from here!

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Interior and Exterior

For a photographer it is a pleasure to be the first to take pictures and then visit a new place. Here I have the opportunity to photograph the new Italian Restaurant Donato & Co. in Berkeley.

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